Testimonials from those whose lives have been changed are the best ways we can discern for you to truly understand the impact our programs have on them.

From 90-Day Life Builders Participants

“The program offers me a fresh start, and most of all a second chance at creating a better life for myself and my future.” Travis Nance

“I have a chance to live a long life sober and happy and to get to know the Lord more and more day to day.” Charles S. Coon

“If it had not been for the Rescue Mission and the staff, but most of all, my Jesus saving me of my sins, I would probably be dead right now, or in prison.” Thomas Bobst

“The Rescue Mission has been a place of refuge to me. The staff and residents have brought clarity to my eyes again as they display the love of Jesus through their words and actions. Thank you all for pointing me back to my Savior.” Paul D. Toney

“I have been able to breathe, take time to work on the things that hinder me. I’m learning how to trust another man, but more importantly learning to look for positive people to hang with.” Reginald Rice

“This program was a lifesaver and life changer for me, it influenced and motivated me to regain and maintain a structure and discipline back in my life.” Brennan Dagenhart

“It’s given me a chance to discover I’m meant for something better than what I’ve chosen in life and with the Lord’s help, I will be who I am supposed to be, with His guidance and love to walk me through it.” Wille B. Smith

“For me the 90-Day Program means an escape from the people, places, and things associated with my drug addiction, as well as a place to get closer to God, the only One who can relieve my suffering.” Carson Stephens

“I came into this program from prison because I was homeless. Yet, I am learning more about myself than I ever knew. So, now I have hope!” William F. Allen

“The Rescue Mission has given me a chance to get what’s left of my life back together again. And for this THANK YOU very much!” WLS

“A new beginning and another chance to turn my life around. An opportunity to build a solid foundation in the Lord Jesus Christ live honestly and free with a positive perception and move forward in life.” Donell Sessoms

“The 90-Day Program allowed me time to self-reflect and build a greater bond with the Lord, while my daily needs of food and shelter were being provided. The classes were very helpful in opening up about certain issues, I will never forget this experience.” Na’im A.

“The 90-Day Program means a lot to me. It has given me another chance at life for Christ, also to build stability, a foundation and structure of my life. Most of all, learn more about loving Christ and myself.” Charles Hinnant

From Transformers Participants

“In the Transformers Program I learned how to put structure into my life, something I was desperately lacking before. They also taught classes such as budgeting, how to deal with grief, preparation for getting back into the job market, planning for the future instead of living in the here and now, and how to handle conflicts correctly. At first I had a difficult time dealing with what felt like constant chapel meetings but soon grew to look forward to those daily sessions so that I could learn more about the Lord. I could not get enough of the Word. It was not too long, two weeks actually until I had given my life back over to Christ.” Jimmie

“For the past 15 years my life has been on a downward spiral, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I feel renewed and very hopeful for my future. I have been blessed in so many ways from this program. I have been able to get involved with a local church and truly feel like God is leading me. I do believe that without the Rescue Mission and Transformer program I would be dead today! God has saved me, and I do know that he has a plan for me and the rest of my life.” Rob

“My Uncle told my Dad about the Winston Salem Rescue Mission.  He told him it would be the best place away from everybody that I was acquainted with and everything I knew. I arrived at the Winston Salem Rescue Mission on June 27, 2016. Since then, I have gained a better and growing relationship with God.  I have completed my GED and established a better relationship with my family. I am currently enrolled at Forsyth Technical Community College.  I am thankful every day for the WS Rescue mission.” Cory

“I had my first taste of alcohol at the age of 14, and I liked the feeling it gave me. I began drinking and soon became addicted. My mother was what we call a functioning alcoholic, which meant she drank a lot, but always went to work. I hated the fact that she drank a lot and swore. I would never be like her, but I became just like her only worse. She did not know she was an alcoholic, and nether did I. By the time I turned twenty-one, I had started smoking weed and that led to crack cocaine which brought me to my knees. As a result of over twenty years of addiction, I found myself unemployed and homeless. Since coming to the Mission, God has begun to transform my life. Through chapel services and personal devotional time, I now have a vision for the future. I have been clean for eighteen months and am now enrolled at Forsyth Tech pursuing my GED. Thank God for keeping the doors of the mission open so that those of us that desire to recover can begin our journey which gives us a new life.” Michael

“Like so many other men and women in the military, I became addicted to drugs and alcohol while serving our country. Since my military service ended, I have tried several different programs to conquer my addiction, but without success. I guess it’s the fighting spirit instilled in boot-camp, but I decided to try one more time, and in August of 2014 I entered the WSRM Life Builder’s Program. During my time at the Mission, I came face to face with four “giants” in my life: anger, pride, depression, and addiction. These giants were the root of my addictive behavior. I found out that God sent His Word and His Spirit to help break the chains of addiction and to defeat those “giants.” By applying the principles of the Word of God in my life, I was able to conquer the giants that had once conquered me. In the fall of 2015, I graduated from the Transformer’s Program. I am thankful to God for looking after me and for helping me along the way. Ben

The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem, that your life is out of control, and that you are powerless over your addition.

Our doors are open to those in need when they need it most.

Addiction Recovery Programs
“As Director of Programs, I am responsible for the residents of the WSRM and to ensure the effective functioning of the Programs including program development and enhancement.” DAVID GROCHOWSKI

We are here to serve the community in a variety of ways. This includes feeding and clothing the members of the community who need help in obtaining basic necessities. We provide these services as we can thru our Food Pantry, Medical Clinics and our clothing ministry.

Community Outreach
“As Program Manager in the Transformers Program, it is my privilege to participate in the redemptive love and power of the Lord, who wills that all of our men recover from various physical ailments and addictions.” KIM WOLVERTON