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You changed Josh’s life

Josh grew up in a happy, loving home, but he struggled academically and it filled him with shame. “I had too much pride to ask for help. I decided if I couldn’t figure it out for myself, then I’d run from it,” he says.

When he was 15, he began numbing his feelings of shame with alcohol and drugs. “They made me quit thinking about the problem. It was my way to escape.”

For 17 years, Josh struggled with addiction, costing him jobs, alienating his family and leaving him homeless. “My life became unmanageable,” he says. “I finally broke down and accepted that I needed help. I started taking advice.”

On his dad’s recommendation, Josh entered our Transformers Program, where Bible studies, chapel services and Christian counseling led him to an encounter with the Lord. “I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior,” he says. “I learned that He’s here to help me and I lean on Him more and more each day.”

Through our program’s Giant Killers component, Josh has also addressed the root causes of his addiction. “It’s helped me deal with my giants – lack of purpose, fear and procrastination,” he says. “Now I’m clean, I’m healing and I’m moving forward.”

His relationship with his family has healed, as well. “Everybody’s so proud of me. It’s the happiest I’ve seen them in years,” he says.

Josh plans to complete the program and find a job and a place of his own. He’s looking forward to becoming a productive, independent citizen, but whenever he’s in need, he’s committed to reaching out for help.

This year, Josh will be celebrating Christmas as a new creation, filled with the great joy of God’s love. “I was living in sin. I’d thought I’d always be an addict, but the Rescue Mission turned my life around. I’m becoming the man God wants me to be.”


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