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Your support is giving James a second chance

He can’t thank you enough!

“God is first in my life now and I’m never going back.”

James grew up in a big Connecticut city. But, when he was 12, his family relocated to North Carolina. “My siblings got in a lot of trouble up there and my mother wanted to get me away,” he says. “But when I came down here, everything was so laid back and people didn’t understand or know what I was talking about. It messed me up.”

He felt like an outcast and grew up wondering where he belonged. “I graduated from high school and started working, but I felt empty,” he says. “I did a lot of soul searching, trying to find out who I was and my purpose in life.”

Along the way, he began numbing his pain with alcohol, but the emptiness only grew. Then, one night, the Lord intervened. “I was drinking at a club and I heard a voice. It was God calling me,” he says. “That was a turning point.”

James stopped drinking and entered our Life Builders 90-Day Program, where Bible studies, devotions, chapel services and Christian counseling strengthened his faith. “God drew me here and I got the foundation I needed. Now I know I can keep holding onto Him when things go wrong,” he says. “I count on nothing else.”

James completed the program, has his own place and works at his church. “I’m the maintenance man, but I do whatever God needs done,” he says.

He’s now found his purpose in life – to lead others to Christ – and he comes back to the Rescue Mission to share his testimony. “God wants to love people. And when I spread His word, I compel people to look toward Him.”

James is beyond grateful for this second chance in life – and says it’s thanks to the love you’ve shown for a neighbor like him. “God is first in my life now and I’m never going back. It’s the Lord’s way or no way.”

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Your support is giving James a second chance at Winston-Salem Rescue Mission
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